Pixel Perfect is finished

Sorry folks, I just don't have any enthusiasm for the desktop customization scene what-so-ever anymore.
You will still see me around sites such as deviantART.com, but there will be no more skins, updates... anything related to desktop customization.

If you still want to view anything I ever made or view what I'm dabbling in now you can check out the galleries below.
The most reliable way to get in contact with me now is through the private note system at deviantART.com.

deviantART Gallery
WinCustomize Gallery
Screenshots Gallery

So long guys... for those who knew me, thanks for the memories.

Blanket Permission
If you want to use anything from any of my skins please go ahead.
All I ask is that you must quote this blanket permission statement in your own readme file, give credit where it is due and a link to my user page at deviantART.com [link]
Also please be sure to study my readme files carefully before using this blanket permission.
Quite a lot of my skins were created thanks to other people giving me permission to use their graphics or code.
Just because you have my permission does not mean you have the other party's permission.

Please note: This permission does not include my photography submissions